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When you work with Atomic8Ball, you get a whole team of reliable developers focused on:

Think of us like your local, family-owned business. Happy to help, personable, and exceedingly agile.

Meet the Team Behind A8B

Andrew Courser, CTO and Founder

Andrew Courser CTO and Founder

Likes: Technology, spirited discussion, "can do" attitudes, cats, GNU, and good coffee.

Dislikes: Technology, over-complicated things, being told I can't have any more coffee, and the necessity of sleep.

Anna Cargill (Courser),COO and Co-Founder

Anna Cargill (Courser) COO and Co-Founder

Likes: Great coffee, traveling, knitting/crocheting, doing crafty things, reading, cooking, card/board games, and my cat.

Dislikes: Slow internet, loud...anything, extremists, and olives.

Miles Peterson, Chief Analytics Officer

Miles Peterson Chief Analytics Officer

Likes: Quality time with family, puzzles, a good book, video games, philosophical discussions, building computers, cats, science, eggs.

Dislikes: Elitists, admitting I was wrong, being called out for being wrong, drivers who don't know they have right of way, incompetence, seeing a typo right as I hit "send".

Brian Chupp, President

Brian Chupp President

Likes: Competition, family, running, breadmaking, ukulele, javascript.

Dislikes: Losing, negativity, cold coffee, slow computers, the shift key.

Sarah Chupp, Director of Social Marketing

Sarah Chupp Director of Social Marketing

Likes: Making fun things out of yarn, reading just about anything...(see below), spending time with my family, getting to use my psychology degree on my family, talking to my Atomic Marketing clients (HONESTLY!).

Dislikes: Knots in my yarn, overly unnecessarily philosophical books, those who text & drive/walk/eat, inconsiderate people.

Amy Lumpkin, Channel Manager

Amy Lumpkin Channel Manager

Likes: Everything and anything dogs, hiking in the woods, cooking for people I love, getting lost in a good book, hanging out at the beach.

Dislikes: People who are mean to dogs, rush hour traffic, doing taxes, fluorescent lighting, close-mindedness.

Rj Reyes, Senior Web Designer

Rj Reyes Senior Web Designer

Likes: Video games, staying fit, toys, cars, tech gadgets, photography and learning new web technologies.

Dislikes: Mac vs PC, Android vs. Apple wars, learning something new to find out later it will become obsolete, spending countless hours just to pass a level in a video game.

Veronique Sayasith, Senior Web Designer

Véronique Sayasith Senior Web Designer

Likes: Books/graphic novels, video games, introspective movies, getting away from civilization, good food and drink in the company of good friends, cooking when I don't have to do the dishes.

Dislikes: Doing the dishes, strong odors, zealots, that sound ice makes when you scrape it.

Jeanette Peterson, Senior Web Developer

Jeanette Peterson Senior Web Developer

Likes: Star Wars, sci-fi movies, romance novels, all things space and alien related, spending time with my friends, and life with my husband, Neyah, and sons Connor and Logan.

Dislikes: Bugs and spiders, gory scary movies, bug bites, and not having enough time in the day!

Danny Pohl, Programmer

Danny Pohl Programmer

Likes: 80s thrash metal, blues, history, late-night philosophy, maps, languages, pool and card games, summer nights

Dislikes: cat allergies, cats, long-distance running, coffee shortages, phone calls, fantasy and science-fiction

Eric Benamati, Junior Web Developer

Eric Benamati Junior Web Developer

Likes: Video games, reading, dogs, good movies, enjoyably-terrible movies.

Dislikes: Politics, being cold, not enjoyably-terrible movies, "teenager finds love and/or saves the world" books.

Adam Robinson, Junior Web Developer

Adam Robinson Junior Web Developer

Likes: Spending time with my family, hiking, powerlifting, video games, dogs, and error-free code..

Dislikes: Errors in my code, semicolons, typos, not being on time.

Jaksa Vucurevic, Junior Web Developer

Jaksa Vucurevic Junior Web Developer

Likes: Friends, traveling around the world, good exotic food, thriller books

Dislikes: Visas, science-fiction and fiction of any kind, snakes, boring people and people that quit easily

Milos Petrovic, Junior Web Developer

Miloš Petrovic Junior Web Developer

Likes: Modern technology, running, cycling, innovation, creativity, nature, swimming

Dislikes: Slow computers

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