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3 Steps to Better Lead Generation

March 2nd, 2012 by admin

For those of us that want to have a website that generates leads we can convert into sales here are a few tips to make the experience more pleasant for the user, which will hopefully result in more conversions.

  1. Shorter = Better
    Don't forget that filling out a form on your website is optional and the user always has other alternatives, including your competitors. Instead of asking the user to fill out a complex series of questions that would give you every possible detail of every imaginable option, simply get their contact information and have a more detailed discussion over the phone or in person where you can qualify their purchase to them.
  2. Lose the CAPTCHA
    Many CAPTCHA's are difficult to read and frustrating. If your form is getting hit with automated SPAM submissions, don't take it out on your users, take a few extra seconds per day to delete the SPAM and let them have an easy, stress free experience on your site.
  3. Provide Alternatives
    Some people flat out don't like entering their information on the Internet. Always provide users with a phone number, email address or alternate means of contacting you.

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