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Don't DIY

March 3rd, 2014 by admin

Most domain name registrars now have a solution that allows you, the business owner, to build your own website. This is a bad idea. Here are some of the ways they'll try to convince you (these are all verbatim from various registrars):

  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Creating a Unique Website Is Easy
  • Launching your very own website [is] fun!

The audacity! Here's what they're leaving out

  • No Technical Skills Required...
    ...unless you want it to look professional. You can change words here and there, add a logo, but nothing can compare to the touch that a web professional can add to a website. Just as you have a specific set of skills that allow you to be really good at your business, so do we, and these same principles apply to creating web pages.
  • Creating a Unique Website is Easy... long as you're not using one of the pre-made templates that come with the Do It Yourself website designer. These DIY sites all use the same templates, and imagine the awkward situation that puts your customer in when they see you have the exact same design as your competition across town, not very professional.
  • Launching your very own website is fun!
    It can be! That's why we do it. But this is also what we do for a living, just as you have a job that you do for a living, which is really what you should be focusing on instead of trying to save a few measly dollars each month as you spend countless hours on nights and weekends maintaining your own website.

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