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EDUraising: The Online Platform for Educational Fundraising

December 16th, 2022 by admin

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What is EDUraising, and why is Atomic8Ball shining a spotlight on it?

To start, EDUraising came to Atomic8Ball while exploring options for custom programming to build their revolutionary application. While discussing the project and determining the requirements, it quickly became apparent to those at Atomic8Ball (those of us who are parents of school-age children or have family members working in the education system) just how incredibly valuable this product could be. Atomic8Ball is looking forward to helping EDUraising achieve their goals and revolutionize school fundraising as we know it, but first, they need a little help. That's why we are highlighting their Kickstarter project to help give them the attention they deserve.

What is EDUraising?

EDUraising, founded by Jax Baker and Steven Taylor, sets itself to be the new online platform for educational fundraising. EDUraising wants to help transition educational fundraising to a new online platform that can support underfunded schools and teachers.

Currently, if teachers and students need to raise money for important things such as supplies, new equipment, or cover travel fare to participate in competitions, they need to start their own fundraiser to get it. Typically this is done with fundraisers in the form of selling candy bars, coupon books, magazines, cookie dough, and flavored popcorn. These require large time sinks and a lot of work on and off school time from teachers and students. Then, even if they are successful, most of these fundraisers take most of the funds raised, leaving the school with 42% or lower to use for the original goal. Add that on top of the rising cost of education, and many schools struggle to get the funds they need for these programs. That's why EDUraising wants to trade out these long-outdated types of fundraisers for something more modern and rewarding for everyone involved.

EDUraising wants to transition educational fundraising to online curriculum-driven campaigns that leverage and nurture their students' initiative and creativity to help maximize their schools' revenue. EDUraising allows teachers to start campaigns online to ask for fundraising by showing potential donors what they would be funding. Teachers and students show exactly what they are donating to while exemplifying the education their students are getting. They want to reward students for their educational performance and boundless creativity rather than force them to sell something in their spare time.

To top this all off, EDUraising will be giving 90% of the funds raised on their platform to the school! The leftover 10% is used to cover the costs of developing, running, and advancing their technology. Students will also own all the work uploaded to the platform. EDUraising will make a massive difference in helping schools funding and hopefully reduce the number of students knocking on your door to sell you something.

If you want to learn more about EDUraising, their plans, and the people behind it, please check out their Kickstarter page, and if education is something important to you in one way or another, please consider donating as well. Atomic8Ball wishes EDUraising great success with their campaign and hopes our little shout-out helps.

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