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Handmade Websites

February 10th, 2015 by admin

A lot of website designers and hosts will offer you a "custom" website that is really just a template made by someone else and slapped on top of a bunch of overcomplicated code written by someone else. The initial result might sparkle and look fantastic but the truth is, it's just lipstick on a pig. There are a couple issues with this common technique:

  • First, if want to change an aspect of the design or rework the layout in the future, forget about it. It either can't be done or it's going to cost you, big time.
  • Second, due to the very nature of the way it's been put together your site is going to be bloated, slow and overly complex to maintain.

Why are we telling you this?

Because we take a different approach! For every single website we build we start with an absolutely, positively, 100% blank "sheet of paper."1

Doesn't this take longer?

Surprisingly, no! Because we're not battling with modifying a 3rd party design or trying to wrangle in some wild code that isn't really meant to do what we're trying to make it do. We can start from scratch and add just the features and design aspects you need to sell your brand at its highest level.

More than anything we take pride in the work we do, and we know that if we make your website from start to finish that it will be done right.

1Please rest assured we're not actually using paper to write the code for your websites. We use advanced IDEs to write fast, efficient, clean markup. This is just an analogy.

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