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Traveling Laptop EeePC

May 4th, 2011 by admin


We ordered a couple of these ASUS EeePC 1215N laptops last Christmas for two of our partners.  Really, they've exceeded our expectations nicely and have turned out to be real quality machines for handling business wherever we might be.

First off they have a good 12.1" screen, which anybody who's used a laptop for a long time can tell you the extra 2" over a little 10" screen makes a huge difference.  The EeePC runs a 1366 x 768 resolution and comes pre-loaded with Win7 Home Premium, which was nice to see.  We were expecting a default Home Basic install, so were pleasantly surprised to see the slight step up.  The architecture would have supported a 64 bit install, so was a little disappointing to see they installed 32 bit instead, but it's good enough.

Second, and more importantly, it has a two graphic chips.  The Nvidia ION 2 graphic chip is surprisingly capable, but is a bit of a battery hog so when the laptop's not plugged in the default is the onboard video.  Plug it in though (or specifically select for it) and it'll use the Nvidia graphic chip instead.  This chip is beefy enough to stream HD video onto a secondary monitor no problem.

We used this laptop during our presentation at the 11th TAG convention in San Antonio this year and it went without a hitch.  At 11.6" x 8" x 1.5" at 3.2 pounds, it's quite reasonable to transport as well.  It fits in a very small bag or purse quite easily.

Using the touchpoint for long periods of time gets old, so for long use you'll want to attach an external mouse too.  I like the Logitech V220 cordless mouse, but I'm partial to Logitech products.  Any halfway decent mouse will do.

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