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Why I Hate Bing as a Search Engine....

May 22nd, 2013 by admin

I know that Google is and has been the search engine du jour for quite some time, I understand that at some point a bigger better search tool may come along. When that will be, who knows; what I do know is that Bing is not only not a viable competitor but it is actually a hindrance to real searching. They have confabulated their data to make it appear like they are up and coming in the search engine market, running their Pepsi/Coke "blind" taste test campaigns but truth be told those are false and forced numbers at best.

When they credit themselves as being a preferred choice that means something, that means that I, as an end-user, selected Bing as my search engine specifically rather than it auto-forcing me to use it because that is how the article, map, link, etc. was written to direct me. In fact, I would go so far as to say that not only do I hate Bing but it actually makes me angry.

A search engine should provide actual results for something that was requested instead many articles will list a leading question begging you to click the link to see the answer only to have Bing show you 15 different articles, sites, etc in which to explore for you to find your answer. If you are trying to lead me somewhere don't make me keep digging, give me the answer when you tease me.

I have gotten hoodwinked one to many times by what appears to be an interesting article only to be left frustrated and wanting more information but not willing to scour through the dregs that is Bing, instead I go to my trusty Google and "Google it" - ahhh sweet satisfaction.

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