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Why Your Business Needs an e-Newsletter

June 3rd, 2014 by admin

  • Remind your customers you exist. Even though you're thinking of your business all day every day, the truth is that your customers aren't. A monthly reminder in their inbox lets them know that you're still around and able to help them when they need your services.
  • Inform your customers of new services and promotions. Your business is always growing and changing, but your customers' perception of you is pinned to the last interaction they had with you. You may have added a service they can use, but they had no other way of knowing you offered it.
  • Comment on recent events. e-Newsletters allow you to focus on what's happening right now--news stories, weather conditions, time-sensitive promotions. Your website shows the stability of your company, but your e-Newsletter shows its dynamism.
  • Give your business a personal touch. e-Newsletters give you the opportunity to strike a different tone than your website. By speaking directly to your customers through their inbox, you can be a little less formal and more friendly.
  • Reach customers who don't use social media. Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are all important platforms for reaching customers, now more than ever. But one approach doesn't work for all people. Some customers don't use social media, or they only use it for personal connections and consider it separate from business interactions. e-Newsletters contact these customers in a medium they already associate with business.

For a more technical explanation of how e-Newsletters work, explore our website.

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