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Windows 10 and Internet Explorer

July 29th, 2015 by admin

July 29, 2015 Marked the Release of Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge Browser

At present, Atomic8ball supports the most current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. These 4 browsers have consistently been the primary staple of traffic to our websites for years.

What Does "Supported" Mean?

While there may be slight inconsistencies in the browsers that may cause the appearance to be very slightly different between them, our goal is to confirm that there is a good user experience on each of the major browsers and that nothing has behaved improperly in a manner that impacts the end-user in a negative manner.

By and large, standards compliance among the browsers has improved to the point where the same HTML renders either the same, or extremely similarly, across them. The expectation at present is that the user experience should be the same 99.9% of the time, with exceptionally infrequent "special case" handling occurring.

So What's Changing?

When Windows 8.1 came out, we stopped supporting versions of Internet Explorer other than IE11. With the release of Windows 10 has come Microsoft Edge, a new, more modern browser from Microsoft that replaces Internet Explorer. While IE11 does remain part of the standard install for Windows 10, it is for legacy compatibility purposes only. Essentially, IE11 is locked in time to 2013.

What Impact Should Be Expected?

You should not experience any significant differences at this point in time. However, as time and technology continue to progress there will arise more and more circumstances where Internet Explorer 11 does not function properly, or fails entirely.

Towards that end, we strongly recommend phasing out all us of any version of IE in favor of using one of the modern browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.

What if I Have a Special Case?

If you have a special case, then please discuss it with us.

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