Sensitive Information

Please do not email sensitive information!

Secure transmittal of sensitive data is a must-have in today's business world. In order to maintain your site, we may periodically request information from you that is of a secure nature. Sending this information via email is fundamentally unsafe, as email is typically delivered unencrypted in plain-text, and usually leaves copies of the email on your device that are also unencrypted.

Towards that end, we have developed a secure database transaction that encrypts and temporarily stores the provided information. No secure data is delivered via email, simply a notification that data has been sent. A credentialed login is then required to retreive the information.

Sensitive Information Form

(This form submits information through a secure, encrypted process. No data is transmitted through email or other plain-text systems and data is not stored long-term.)

Contact Information
Domain Name Registrar (DNS)
Name Servers (if hosted elsewhere)
Other Secure Information

What if this is something I need on my site?

We are happy to provide this service on your site should you wish to receive sensitive information such as ACH payment information or client credentials. There are a few minor requirements:

  • Your site must have SSL turned on.
    (This process is not available on, and does not function over, regular HTTP.)
  • We can provide SSL for your site at no charge, the only requirement is that we control your DNS.
  • There is a very modest monthly cost associated with the service.
  • Some processing time is required as there may be underlying items on the site that need restructuring.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact us.