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We want to get you the best search engine rankings. Google's algorithm is constantly changing. We make it our business to update our SEO practices in conjunction with these public announcements. With all of the changes in the past 10 years, it can be too much to expect business owners to keep up. So, we pay attention for you.

Our developers are constantly fine-tuning and monitoring our SEO system, to increase your footprint on the web. One important factor for Google is how fast a site loads, or PageSpeed.

What is PageSpeed?

Google's PageSpeed Insights ranks pages based on performance best practices. A higher score indicates adherence to Google's best practice recommendations.

Atomic8Ball's clients average a PageSpeed score of 85. For our Atomic Marketing clients, we go above and beyond to fine tune every last little bit of optimization possible, and average a score of 92.

A typical page that has had little effort devoted towards optimization scores a 45 – worse if there are many off-site references that must be loaded.

Why is web site speed important?

Just how fast is an Atomic8Ball site?

According to a study by New Relic (a web application performance management company) completed in August 2012, in a review of over 1 billion web pages across the globe it takes an average of 6 seconds for a web page to fully load.

The average Atomic8Ball site takes just 1 second to load. For our Atomic Marketing clients, this number is just over 0.6 seconds – faster than 94.8% of web sites.

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