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Meet Our Team: Amy Lumpkin, Channel Manager

September 15th, 2020 by admin

Amy Lumpkin, Atomic8Ball Channel Manager

You might have already chatted with our new channel manager Amy Lumpkin over the phone. As ever since she's joined our talented team, she's made great efforts to reach out to both current and potential clients. From seeing if their website needs are being met to just staying in touch, Amy puts a great deal of effort into building and maintaining client relations. That's why we are going to highlight her efforts and give everyone a chance to get to know her better.

Amy is a North Carolina native, born and bred right in the heart of Raleigh. She enjoys many of the things to be found in her home state and would be the first to declare how awesome it is there. From the beaches and mountains to the great weather and full seasons, there is a lot one can enjoy in North Carolina…except maybe the sweltering humid summers by her own admission. Her home town of Raleigh is known for its multitude of schools and their varying fields of study. Something Amy took advantage of when she studied criminology at North Carolina State University.

While the leap from criminology to working with people might seem strange, it falls in line with her previous jobs. During her college career, she started working as a waitress at a bar/restaurant across the street from the university. Next, she enjoyed working as a lab tech at the university until the grant money ran out for the laboratory. Eventually, she found herself working sales in real estate. While she found success in the field by being real with people, it ultimately wasn't for her. She wanted something with more flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere, which made working at Atomic8Ball a perfect fit.

While she does have the experience and skills to back up her position, her real passions are found elsewhere in her life. As Amy not only has a love of cooking new-found recipes for friends and family, she helps out her favorite rescue dog organizations from time to time. She's even adopted several rescue dogs over the years herself, giving them a very loving home. Though right now she is trying to work on her hobby of taking care of self by working out and eating well (Thanks for the help Adam!)

Now that you know Amy as well as we do, we hope you come to enjoy working with her as much as we have. Amy's dedicated to working with our clients and helping them get what they want out of their website. She's quickly become a very welcome addition to the Atomic8Ball family, and we look forward to her continued outstanding performance.

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