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Meet Our Team: Andrew Courser, CTO and Founder

September 23rd, 2020 by admin

Andrew and his daughter Mila

Many of you probably know Andrew, Atomic8Ball's Founder and CTO, but we'd like to take this opportunity to share a little more about Andrew for those of you who don't. Andrew is a self-described Technologist who is constantly reading and exploring the newest topics and concepts in the technology world. However, Andrew didn't always work as a Software Developer.

Andrew started at GEICO in the sales department. He quickly realized that being a salesman was something that he didn't excel at, so he switched to the business's software and web development side. It was there that he learned all about enterprise-level software development. Andrew is able to bring that knowledge and apply it to Atomic8Ball. He does this by being a wizard with server architecture and cloud applications. He is a firm believer that to truly utilize the cloud; you need to have the recovery piece in place. By being able to dynamically scale and recover services, your business will thrive in the cloud.

Andrew ascribes to the belief that "self-discipline equals freedom." This motto allows him the freedom to take on new projects since he budgets his time efficiently. He learned this belief while taking Taekwondo, where he earned a 3rd-degree blackbelt.

Andrew currently resides in Serbia, and when he's not immersed in technology, he spends his time with his almost-three-year-old daughter, Mila. They like to take walks, each with their own walking stick, and pick wild plums and berries. Mila is being raised bilingual, which Andrew feels will be a considerable asset as she grows up.

Andrew loves that he gets to control his own destiny with his business's future, and he is always willing to take the time to teach and educate his employees because he knows that this helps to propel Atomic8Ball forward.

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