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Meet Our Team: Miles Peterson, Chief Analytics Officer and Co-owner

May 19th, 2022 by admin

Miles Peterson

Miles was born and raised in California, and attended the University of California San Diego. He met Andrew Courser and Anna Cargill while working at GEICO, and was brought in as an equal one-third owner of Atomic8Ball shortly after the company was founded. During his time at GEICO, Miles worked in the service, sales, underwriting, and banking units of the company, and was often referred to as “the spreadsheet guy” due to his enthusiasm for complicated formulas in Excel.

Andrew and Anna invited Miles to join Atomic8Ball in order to obtain the benefit of his analytical skills and to have a third perspective in relation to business decisions within the company. Much of his time is spent analyzing internal data, building and maintaining mathematical business models, projecting forward business considerations, studying and identifying current industry trends or legislation that would have an impact on our clients, and, most recently, anything related to ADA Compliance / WCAG Conformance for website accessibility.

If you need way more information on a subject than you thought you asked for, Miles is your guy.

(On a side note, if you’re wondering whether your website should be ADA compliant, the answer is almost certainly “yes”, and your business could potentially be subject to an expensive lawsuit if it isn’t - Website Accessibility, ADA Compliance, and WCAG Conformance.)

An ideal workday for Miles is one spent staring at spreadsheets and gleaning worthwhile business information from the numbers, followed by working out and then relaxing by playing video or board games, or watching interesting movies and/or tv shows. He is currently on track to row over 1 million meters this year.

Miles is an ardent fan of science fiction and highly recommends his favorite series, The Expanse - both the books and the television show. He loves cats, has a 2nd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, has a twin brother, and currently resides in a small city in Northern Nevada with his wife.

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