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Speeding up Your Sites

December 6th, 2016 by admin


Whether your site visitors are using mobile or desktop browsers to view your site, they expect a fast experience. But sites that are large, clunky, and poorly programmed will take longer to load. We are always researching ways to speed up our sites, to ensure that visitors aren't abandoning pages before they load. Our sites take just over 1 second to load on average, versus the 6 second average reported by New Relic in 2012.

Simply put, if you want your site to rank well on Google and retain visitors, you need to speed up your site. In addition to loading speeds, we monitor the page speed scores through Google's PageSpeed Insights. A badly designed site with minimal optimization efforts might receive a score of 45. We keep our code streamlined and simple, to ensure the best performance. When we apply additional efforts for our clients, we average a score of 85.

Want us to go above and beyond for you? Our Atomic Marketing clients enjoy regular reports with the latest PageSpeed and loading scores, as well as information on social media and online campaign results. By providing extra optimization for these sites, their sites average a score of 92 for PageSpeed and 94.8% faster loading than other websites.

The benefits are clear. Learn more about what we can do to optimize and speed up your site.

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