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The Need for Speed

May 11th, 2017 by admin

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Admit it - you expect lightning fast internet most everywhere you go. Waiting for a page to load just takes too long when you're browsing around the web. Long gone are the days of dial-up and images that take a couple minutes to load. We've heard it time and again from others in the industry: If visitors to your site have to wait too long for the page to load, they'll leave. That can really hurt small to medium-sized or regional businesses that can't rely on a popular brand name or large market to convince visitors to stick around.

This infographic gives a great summary of the most important ways that the loading time of your site affects your bottom line. Kissmetrics uses survey results to present some of the realities that web developers have come to accept. Most importantly, we learn that visitors only have limited patience for their page to load. Waiting for more than 3 seconds can already lead a visitor to leave and look elsewhere. From the Kissmetric blog, we also learn that mobile users will wait on average 6 to 10 seconds for a page to load, but generally expect the same load times as with their desktops. When you have lots of large images, complicated graphics, videos, and long texts, these load times can increase.

Our web developers at Atomic8Ball have worked hard to optimize sites for the fastest page speed. Our sites load on average in one second or less - keeping your visitors happy and on the page. This is also an important factor for SEO, as Google expects sites to load quickly and provide visitors with a positive experience. We are constantly improving our processes, code, and analytical tools to improve this speed for our customers. Learn more about how we optimize our sites here...

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