Stay Connected to Your Customers in This Quickly Changing Environment

Grow Your Presence Online & Show the World Who You Are

During COVID-19, the world is relying on digital communication like never before, and many are having to quickly adapt to a new way of operating. Businesses no longer have in-person interaction with their customers, many no longer have their store front displays to showcase who they are, and many are adapting to online ordering. In this quickly changing environment, we need to stay connected to our customers.

Your website is your new storefront, and if you don't have a fast loading, current, mobile friendly site, you're missing out on the opportunity to grow your presence online and show the world who you are.

How Your Web Presence (or Lack of) Can Be Negatively Affecting Business

  • Loads too slow – people expect fast load times, you'll lose them if yours isn't – 3 seconds?
  • Doesn't load correctly and/or doesn't function correctly on mobile devices – what's the % of folks who search the web on devices?
  • Looks dated, hasn't been updated in too long. This is your new 'storefront' – make sure if reflects your image and your brand
  • Inconsistent, or lack of branding – consistent branding across all platforms will help gain awareness – does it represent who you are?
  • You don't have enough content – this is one of the best ways to increase SEO

How We Can Help

  • fast loading site
  • write content across all platforms
  • add donation button
  • e-commerce
  • fresh, new, modern site – your new storefront
  • mobile friendly on any device – how many people search the web on a device?
  • social media marketing to keep client base informed
  • unlimited content updates
  • add videos – what is it again that we can do with videos?
  • branding
  • custom logo design

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